In the pages of this book you may find yourself in one of the stories. With each authors pen, they flowed in wisdom from experience, personal pains, battles and victories. As Women many times we wish there were things we had learned or were taught that may have helped us avoid certain situations. With every turn of the page, with every journal entry you write you will find healing. From story to story forgiveness will take place, not just for others but for yourself. The love put into this anthology will be felt in every word from each author, Sis this is all for you! Learn , live and use the wisdom given to apply to to your daily life . Our goal is to give you what we wish we knew. Avoid all red flags and remove all negativity from your life, control your peace! You're beautiful, powerful, intelligent, brilliant, victorious and you're more then a conqueror! We love you sis! It's time to GLOW! BE MADE OVER!