"Silent No More" is a collection of life events and life lessons. This book will empower, encourage and leave you with insight. Taisha` Nichole  the author in her transparency will remove the muzzle to reveal what made her a stronger women.

                              HER TESTIMONY! HER FREEDOM FROM SELF AND OTHERS!

As the reader you will experience an emphatic voice through the pages of this book . Exposing truth on the struggles of single mother hood, love, marriage, trust issues, betrayal, depression, insecurities, questionable relationships, divorce and much more! 


Overcoming with the gratifying, thunderous, word called forgiveness and a consistent posture of spiritual balance in Jesus Christ.  

                                                          READY TO RIP OFF THE TAPE!?

The goal is to leave you FREE!  Free to deal with self and seek help, encouragement to say when you're wrong, motivation to ask for forgiveness and to forgive. 


                                                                      SILENT NO MORE!  


Awesome read, once I started reading it was hard to put it down. Me being a married woman and going through some ruff patches in my marriage..Open my eyes to a lot that I see and don’t want to see. This book will definitely help out a lot of women, whether married or single. Love the transparency

— Lakika Hicks 

                               5 out of 5 stars